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This has definitely been the “year of projects” at the Caban casa which has been making for lots of fun and exciting changes around our home. The issue? I haven’t been updating this blog with the deets! Once one project ends, a new one begins, or so it seems anyways. And who has time to document it all when you’re knee-deep in a DIY?! It also doesn’t help that my laptop copped out recently…

So rather than put each project posts out one by one, for now I am going to give a brief overview of what’s been done and what’s currently going on (you can see a few snapshots above, but I have more detailed pictured posts coming soon).

Here it goes:

You saw some of the summer projects I tackled here which included a fire pit makeover, installing [the start of] a stone path along the side of the house + an arbor, adding patio lights, sprucing up the garage door with some hardware, and making a DIY nautical wreath for the front door. There were also some other things that weren’t documented like a few landscape updates and new house numbers.

Other projecty/DIY things that took place in the last few months or so:

  • Install of a new Energy Star AC (not very exciting but yay for energy savings!) as well as a Nest thermostat (read more about the Nest over on the Young House Love blog, which is where I first learned about it).
  • New bath + shower installed on second level. This was definitely not a planned project, nor a cheap one, but a crack in the tub made this a “need to take care of NOW” project that we hired out to ReBath.
  • New black matte door knobs installed (see here) on the main floor to replace the antique brass lever ones that our dog could open. Up next is the bedrooms + bathroom on the second level.
  • New paint in the basement. When we first moved in I painted the room a teal color (see that here) but later decided it wasn’t the best choice (for my taste) in that room. I opted for a more earthy-tone and painted it a subtle olive green in the shade ‘Curly Willow’ by Behr.
  • Kitchen makeover, part 3! Installation of new flooring + appliances. You can see my past kitchen projects here & here.
  • A few new light fixtures installed: eat-in kitchen (brushed nickel warehouse pendant), main floor bathroom (allen + roth 2-light hainsbrook standard vanity light), master bedroom closet (LED ceiling flush mount light).
  • At the tail end of fall I helped my mom with some curb appeal projects. This included installing the same garage door hardware I used for my house, plus picking out custom shutters & a gable vent to spruce up the house’s facade (see a snapshot here). She has a few other projects she’d like me to help with this spring that includes replacing the house numbers for a more modern option, adding window boxes, and possible opting for a new front door color.

Current projects:

  • For the past month now we’ve been making updates to the master bedroom. What started out as a “simple DIY closet expansion” one weekend has since turned into a full-blown room makeover with new flooring, lighting, scraped ceiling, a new furniture arrangement, etc. The end is finally in sight with this project and in the meantime, you can follow updates on my Facebook page!
  • Organization nation. I’ve been on an organizing kick since the start of the New Year. This entails getting rid of things that aren’t serving a purpose and making it so everything has a place. Some of the areas tackled so far include the pantry, bathroom vanities + medicine cabinets, the linen closet, bedroom closet, plus more. (Side note — I have yet to read the Marie Kondo book about the “KonMari” method of organizing, but would definitely like to in the near future! Have you read it?)
  • I am now writing monthly features for Rochester’s At Home Magazine. You can view the recent ones I’ve done here:

Upcoming projects:

  • See this wall right here? Well it’s coming down. Partially, anyways. To make the feel of our kitchen + dining space in the adjoining room more ‘open concept,’ we’ve elected to do a partial wall-knockdown from above the chair rail. Since the wall is load-bearing and likely has electric + plumbing running behind it (wah, wah, wah), we’re hiring this one out to the pros.
  • Project nursery. That’s right — a baby will be in the mix soon (July 2016), so transforming one of our guests bedrooms into a nursery will be next on the to-do list.

So that’s my latest project recap in a nutshell. I look forward to updating you with some detailed photo posts soon. Until then, however, follow my Facebook page for updates as that outlet gets posted to much more often than the blog.

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