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a company with a cause.

I had heard of LUSH before and knew they were a green company with a specialty for “bath bombs” and all-natural soaps, but didn’t realize just how awesome they were until I recently visited one of their stores and found out for myself!

So what makes this company so great?

All of their products are handmade using safe ingredients. What do I mean by safe? I mean they don’t contain synthetics (only quality organic ingredients) and none of their products are tested on animals nor contain any animal ingredients. Speaking of vegetarian ingredients, LUSH has a strict no animal testing policy and refuses to buy any of their ingredients from companies that test on animals.   

They also have a strong sense of sustainability by striving to make the lowest impact on the environment possible. In doing so, they use very little packaging to prevent filling up landfills with unnecessary garbage, among many other green acts. (Read more about their green policy here).

Last but not least, they support grassroot charities and ethical campaigns that focus on environmental conservation, animal protection, and human rights. A percentage of LUSH’s proceeds go directly to assisting these charities.

I could honestly go on and on about all of this but I’ll spare you feeling as though you’re reading a report.

So to conclude, if you haven’t checked out this company before, I highly suggest you do! Not only do they sell fabulous products, but they do so with a cause. And now just how cool is that?


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