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chandeliers and shenanigans.

Oh what do you know, it’s been a month since I’ve put out a new blog post (reference spiel about my sporadic blogging habits here). And to be honest, I don’t even have a real post put together (as I write this) but figured it was time to get something on here so you know I’m still alive and kickin’. For whatever reason, Sunday mornings always seem like a good time to get words on paper the web.

So a few home updates…

I have decided (for the time being) to not paint the basement fireplace. (A big thanks for all those that weighed in on the subject!) But since I’m not painting the fireplace, I’m looking for other ways to give the space new life, which I hope to update you all with soon.

I finally got around to taking the “after” pics for round 2 of our upstairs bathroom makeover (i.e. new counter top, sink, faucet, and a few other miscellaneous changes) which I mentioned here. I’m making it a priority to get that one on the blog this week, while it’s still relevant.

In other home decor news, here are a few snap shots…

dining roomMy latest [exciting] consignment find is this chandelier I picked up for $38 (probably best intended for an outdoor patio or pergola) that I hung in our dining room. We don’t have ceiling lighting in this room so I like that this gives the illusion that we do, plus what dining table is complete without a chandelier above it?!

chandelier(picture I took on my phone with the candles lit)

mantelWith spring right around the corner, I’m starting to add more greenery around the house. These IKEA plants are always a quick and cheap solution for rooms that don’t receive much light (or if you can’t keep plants alive!).

shelf stylingI’ve also been making an effort to change up the decor and “re-style” our built-ins.

bookcase stylingI’ve started collecting old books that have intriguing spines. These are super cheap at garage sales/thrift stores and add a lot of visual interest to shelves. (Everything on this shelf is either from a garage sale, thrift store, or was a hand-me-down).

tableI moved this hand-me-down table from our bedroom to the living room (where a taller table once was, seen here) which I think looks much better in this space. The galvanized planter was a .50 garage sale find from last summer and the faux sheep skin rug was $9.99 from IKEA.

gold elephantI found this plastic elephant at a garage sale last year for .25 cents and spray painted him gold. He’s now a fun piece of decor in our home office.

So there’s a few snap shots of random updates from around the house to fill the void of my blog posting. Look for more home posts soon!


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