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that’s a wrap.

While the holiday seasons brings forth an abundance of gifts, it also produces a large amount of waste. I am talking wrapping paper, people! According the EPA, the volume of curb-side trash increases by 25% from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day.

Make this season a little less wasteful (and a lot more environmentally friendly) with these simple gift-wrapping solutions:

Good ol’ fashioned newspaper {image via}

Outdated maps

Old sheet music

brown paper bag
 Paper grocery bags {image via}

lunch sack
Brown lunch sacks

recycled bag
Gift wrap/bags from past holidays
(I am pretty sure my family has been exchanging the same gift bags for years now)

resuable bag (2)
Reusable bags –
my personal favorite!

Burlap sack
{image via}

A kitchen towel
(two gifts in one!) {image via}

*Other ideas:

  •  Use shredded newspaper as a bag-filler in place of store-bought tissue paper
  •  Adorn gifts with items from nature such as pinecones, twigs or a sprig of berries {example}
  •  Instead of tying boxes with ribbon, use a natural fiber like jute (seen in picture #3 above)
  • Give homemade treat gifts in canning jars or tin buckets that can be reused {example}

Which of these green gift-wrapping ideas are your favorite?

Note: Images without credit are ones that I was unable to find an original source for – all images found on Pinterest!

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