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friday favorites: blogs.

In case you didn’t know, I am a blog addict. Every time I come across a new blog that I like, it seems as though I can’t. get. enough. (That’s the addiction talking). Within a short period of time I feel like I actually know the person behind the blog. (Creepy kind of?) But I digress. You can check out my blogroll to view the full list of the blogs I peruse, but today I wanted to share with you the four that I’ve been loving recently and why.

food babe

Food Babe – do you ever wonder what all of those complicated ingredients on your food’s labels are, or what they really mean in terms of your health? Vani Hari takes the guessing out of the equation with her thorough investigation of today’s food industry and shares the potential dangers lurking in our everyday foods. Her blog also features tasty and wholesome recipes,  as well as her exotic travel adventures. Warning: You just might find yourself purging through your pantry and pledging to forever for-go fast food after reading just a few of her thought-provoking posts.iheart organizingiHeart Organizing – if the title doesn’t give it away, this blog covers everything organization-related, and I mean everything. Pantries, entryways, drawers, closets of all kinds – basically you name it, it’s on there and it’s been organized. Since reading this blog, I have found myself re-arranging every nook and cranny in my house and trying to better optimize the space among our bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen cabinets and everything in between. Who knew organizing could be so rewarding… and addicting!

never homemaker

{never} homemaker – I saw this blog’s tagline of “healthy, balanced & whole living” and I was smitten from the start. I’d refer to Ashley as a young, modern-day homemaker who provides readers with healthy-living advice and know-how through her posts on running, grocery budgeting, and healthy, made-from-scratch recipes. I even find her motherhood posts intriguing (but NO – there is no plan of babies in the near future for this gal, FYI).

making it lovelyMaking it Lovely – Nicole’s exceptional photography and innate design abilities effortlessly shine through her savvy styling of both fashionable outfits and home décor. I think I’ve seriously looked through her house tour at least ten times, and could easily look at it a few more. I sincerely adore Nicole’s quirky yet chic approach to her home as well as her wardrobe and find myself coming back for more on the daily.

I’d love to know what blogs you’ve been loving lately.

Have a great weekend!


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