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rock bed turned flower garden.

There is a small space next to our deck that I always thought would make the perfect landing spot for a little flower garden. The only problem? It had a bed of landscaping rocks covering the space. I figured it would be as simple as skimming the rocks off the top. Little did I know…

removing rock

Four hours worth of digging and sifting later, I had a whole wheel barrel full, yet the rocks just wouldn’t stop coming as I dug deeper. I finally decided to call it quits once I figured that I had created enough depth to be able to plant.

removing landscaping rockLandscaping rocks = a gardener’s worst nightmare.

mini garden

Next, I mixed a bag of top soil with chicken manure from our compost (one of the ‘pros’ of keeping chickens!) and tilled it into the existing soil. I picked a few full-sun perennials (including two of my favorites: salvia and sedum) to fit the space and arranged them on top of the soil prior to planting to make sure I knew right where I wanted them to go.

mini garden

From there I planted, watered and added a small amount of organic plant food.

mini flower garden

Lastly I added some mulch and a few large rocks to fill in the gaps between the plants.

mini flower garden

Such a nice change from the boring and unsightly old bed of rocks that was there before! Now if only I can manage to keep it alive looking that way… #rookiegardener

Have you planted any fall blooms lately or ever had a run-in with landscaping rock?

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