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how i’ve repurposed old window panes.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know by now that I love mixing old with new when it comes to decorating my house. I think it gives a home more character… a sense of history, if you will. Antique window panes are a perfect “old” item that can be worked among newer/more modern decor.

I picked up my first window pane for $1 at a garage sale which I then turned into a chalkboard. Soon after, I started coming across several other great ideas for how to use windows on Pinterest and before I knew it, I had a handful of them!

Long story short, here are the various ways I’ve used old window panes around my house:

window pane turned chalkboard#1 – Like mentioned above, this was my first window pane I purchase and was only $1 at a garage sale! I simply painted the panes with chalkboard paint and hung it in the back entry way of our home along with a rail, wire basket and S-hooks from IKEA to a make it a mini command center.

how to use old window panes#2 – This window pane was given to me from my mom for Christmas (she got it from the farm of her cousin) and it’s currently just leaning against the wall in our home office. I’m not sure if this is where this one will stay but for now I think it serves as a piece of art in its raw state.

old window pane turned picture holder#3 – This is the largest of the windows I’ve collected and I think it’s the perfect size for our fireplace mantel. (I previously had this one there). This particular one was $12 at a local antique shop. I printed and placed a few black and white engagement + wedding photos into the panes to make it more of a stand-out art piece.

old window pane#4 – This window pane is simply being used as wall art in the basement bathroom off the guest bedroom. There used to be a different piece of wall art there but with the recent installation of the industrial sliding door, I thought the window seemed more fitting for the space. I picked this one up from an architectural salvage store in St. Paul.

DIY window pane idea #5 – This window (identical to the one pictured above) is being used as a picture/note holder. I knocked out the panes with a hammer and stapled chicken wire onto the back. It’s hanging next to the vanity that I turned into a desk. (See that transformation here).

So those are the five ways I’ve used window panes around my house!

What do you think of decorating with old windows? Is it something you’d try?

Here are a few other ideas I love:


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