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kitchen cabinet beauty.

Today I am featuring some of my favorite ways to green your beauty routine by using things you can often find in your kitchen! Check it out…

Baking Soda = Face wash! Yes, I said it – face wash! Simply mix a quarter-size amount of baking soda with water in your hands to form a paste. Cleanse your face with this simple concoction for just the right amount of exfoliation. The best part? It’s probably the cheapest face wash you’ll ever buy!

Coconut Oil = Makeup remover, moisturizer, hair conditioner! This oil isn’t just for baking but also a multi-purpose item for your beauty regimen. Apply all over face and remove with a soft wash cloth to take off makeup; rub on rough areas of skin such as cuticles or feet for intense hydration; or use it on ends of hair for a deep-conditioning treatment (make sure to rinse)!

Cucumbers = Eye de-puffers – one of the oldest tricks in the book! Chilled, sliced cucumbers work wonders to decrease puffiness on the eyes as well as help in temporarily diminishing under-eye bags. Plus you can’t beat the refreshing smell! (Other great kitchen options: cooled tea bags or cold spoons).

Honey = Soothing face mask! Honey is known as natural humectant, meaning it has the ability to attract moisture and hold it. Simply apply a thin layer of honey onto your face, letting sit for 10-15 minutes. Remove honey with a warm, damp washcloth to reveal soft and smooth skin.

Oatmeal = Cleanser/gentle exfoliant! Oatmeal is known to relieve itchiness, redness, dryness and minor irritations. That being said, it is the perfect ingredient to add to your everyday face cleanser for added gentle exfoliation, or it can be used as a cleanser alone. Just mix it with water for a 100% natural face wash that is just as easy on sensitive skin as it is on the wallet!

Olive Oil = Hair and cuticle treatment! Coat hair in olive oil and cover with a shower cap. After 30 minutes, shampoo and condition your hair as normal. Once dry, you’ll notice added shine and softness to hair. To soothe dry or cracked cuticles, simply rub olive oil on them for a quick smoothing solution!

Yogurt = Cooling face mask! Yogurt contains lactic acid, which can help to exfoliate and smooth out the skin. To use, liberally apply plain yogurt all over the face. (This might be a good time to use the cucumber slices on eyes as well)! Rinse off with warm water after about 20 minutes. Immediately your face will feel clean and refreshed. Yogurt is also a go-to item for reducing redness and pain associated with sunburn.

What are your thoughts on incorporating everyday cooking and baking items into your beauty routine?

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