a breath of fresh air.

Did you know that the air in an average home is anywhere from two to five times as polluted as the air outdoors?  After recently coming across that little piece of information I couldn’t help but put together my top tips that homeowners can implement to keep the air in their home as clean as possible. Read on and breathe easy…

·         Bring the outdoors in. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen, consequently improving air quality (read more about the benfits of indoor plants here). Aim for 1-2 plants per room for the best results.

·         Dust it off! Have you swiped a finger along the top of your door frames recently, or how about behind the TV? More than likely there is dust accumulating which can have a negative effect on the air you and your family breathe. Try to dust every two weeks to keep pesky dust bunnies at bay. Also consider washing your curtains every 1-2 months since those can be a hot spot for collecting dust as well.

·         Let in the breeze. Being that outdoor air quality is much cleaner than that of indoors, open the windows to let air circulate throughout the home, weather permitting of course!

·         Stick to soy. I am talking candles! Standard paraffin wax candles emit a smoke which contains carcinogenic toxins and create black soot. And on that note – pass on plug-in air fresheners, too. While they might make your home smell good, they aren’t natural and only raise your electric bill. Opt for reed diffusers with essential oils instead.

·         Focus on floors. Floors in the home, especially carpeted ones, are breeding grounds for all sorts of particles. Vacuum at least once a week to keep floors (and air) clean.

·         Shoes off. This might seem like a no-brainer but it’s definitely a noteworthy item to mention. Think of all the dirt and contaminants you step on when you are out and about – do you really want to track that around your house? Probably not. (You also might want to consider wiping off Fido’s paws regularly for the same reason)

·         Clean with green. Many household cleaning products contain chemicals that are not meant for humans to breathe in. Switch to green cleaning products such as those made by Seventh Generation, Method, or my personal favorite – Mrs. Meyers Clean Day. Even better though is to make your own (easy and cost-effective!)

·         Filter it. In addition to all the suggestions above, it is wise to invest in an air purifier (those with HEPA filters are best for eliminating the most air irritants), especially if you suffer from allergies.

Are any of these suggestions ones that you already implement in your home, or if not, ones that you’d consider?


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